Client Experience

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Financial Planning

Our team works with you to explore your financial situation by clarifying your visions, defining your goals, and identifying potential issues. Once we fully understand your situation, we develop a customized financial plan by organizing all aspects of your financial picture and allocating funds to meet your objectives. Throughout our relationship, we will refine your plan by tracking progress and results, and monitoring your retirement plan and budget.

Estate Planning

In an effort to protect your estate financial legacy, we explore your entire estate, including investments, businesses, and real estate. Based on your circumstances, we develop a financial estate strategy by blueprinting your Wills, POAs, or Trusts. To complete the process, we refine your estate strategy by coordinating with a Board Certified Estate Planning Attorney who will draft the documents to make your estate wishes a reality.

Investment Management

To meet your long term financial goals, we explore your risk tolerance, account strategy, and time horizon. During this discovery process, we develop a comprehensive investment strategy by investing your assets in a multi-asset portfolio that is coordinated with your financial plan. Over time, we refine your asset allocation through active discretionary management, alternative investment recommendations, and annual risk tolerance reviews.

Insurance solutions

We explore your potential risks, liabilities, and opportunities related to estate tax liability, income replacement, and long-term care. Then, we develop insurance solutions in terms of the amount of coverage that is necessary, how long that coverage should be in effect, and the flexibility of the coverage. Finally, we refine your coverage by working with the most trusted carriers to find a policy that best fits your needs.